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Our conviction: we rely on the new generation’s continue breakthrough and innovation.

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Cyclical Empowerment and Thank You: BS AHall and You

Its 4000 square meters headquarters in Panyu Guangzhou has been designated to share for community and industrial use in 2010, Bright Sun’s Hong Kong office opened the space to NGO sectors before Covid in 2018. In where the space, winning the Gold LEED, once been hosted with community learning venue, textile author’s new book release sharing location, a show place of graffiti recapping Hongkong’s textile marketplace in Shamshuipo, material stand of several NGO during the Covid time, it becomes a destination of more than 60 secondary students of their diverse learning on 17th January 2024.

In its name AHall, all BS staff understand the office space is not a private premises but under a concept of sharing, an act to validate the Group’s Oneness vision, practically social responsibility or community caring. We all have known that the industry is busy for exhibitions and customer meeting across Europe and North America. When a day the place is full of hanger samples demonstrating the attentiveness of how the BS team would like to respond to their customers, the up-to-the-season textile materials all over have to give way to the seats for accommodating the young guests the next day.

The topic in hot is the Greater Bay where the youngsters have to broaden their mind to embrace a bigger scope in their future, however, interestingly, textile term such as seamless, touch are fit to adopt in the theme. When seamless is mentioned, it refers to the communicative smoothness in language, while touch emphasizes on person-to-person real contact, however technological oriented when textile means seamless a differentiated knitting or seam-free skill and touch can be an innovative soft-hand lace to the field, for example, BS patent in super soft.

Filled with young teens, the vibe draws interesting line from studying against working and socially experiential against social learning. Well, BS team will tell humbly that they are indifferent for they keep learning, and working without studying seems unpractical.

BS does learn from the market and mostly the customers. We aspire the learning and thank you for your supports all through these years.

循環賦能並感謝您:BS aHall 和您


以 aHall名義,我們所有BS員工都理解辦公空間並不是私人場所,而是擁有著共享概念,認證承傳集團願景、實踐社會責任或關懷行為使命。此空間現正忙於歐洲及北美舉辦展覽和客戶會議,桌面上擺滿當季的紡織材料樣板,正展示 BS 團隊將預備迎接客人,下一時又要快快清出空間去接待一班年輕人。



BS 一直從市場中學習,更多向客戶學習領略,感恩這些機會及並感謝客戶多年來的支持。

February 29, 2024 / Event


Support the carbon reduction with the same goal as sustainable partner.

The extreme weather constantly occurs, the living environment of the earth constantly keeps worse.

BS is committed to sustainable development. We reorganize the usage of Block East and Block West that come up with 24% carbon reducing in these half year, which equivalent to 500 pcs of tree planting. We forecast it will have 29% carbon reducing till yearend that equivalent to 1300 pcs of tree planting.

“The Green Tech” for the earth starts from you and me!

响應減碳行動, 與永續者同行

極端氣候不斷發生, 地球居住環境不斷惡化

BS致力响應可持續發展, 由東樓設置至西樓設置, 至今半年減碳排放量已達24%, 節約能源相當於種植500棵樹, 而預估到今年年底減碳排放量可達29%, 節約能源相當於種植1300棵樹.

為地球添一分生機, 綠色力量由你我做起!

August 12, 2023 / Event

Bright Sun Caring: Fashion for Diversity 2023

Fashion styling and fashion design as a bridge to foster community care. The “Fashion for Diversity 2023” program is jointly organized by the School of Fashion and Textile of PolyU, Office of Service and Learning of PolyU, and Hong Chi Association. The “Bright Sun Caring Foundation” supports this project persistently, and continues to promote creative fashion design, which could be a communion to life, and has no boundaries.

Through designing together, through encouragement and support, different styles and concepts in the minds of people with intellectual disabilities who needs special needs will be presented one by one. They will be filled by confidence and vitality, and can perform incisively in the fashion show. The message of exploring bravely, pursuing dreams bravely, and commune caring will be disseminated throughout the venue. So, people from various sectors could demonstrate the importance of communal art society, and this opportunity is necessary to promote the understanding and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities in the community and help them blend into community life.




June 24, 2023 / Event

Walk with DSE Students 2023

【Walk with DSE Students 2023】

In order to help students better organize their study materials for exam preparation, BS is giving away our own design bags. These bags enable students to properly organize their study material, saving time and significantly reducing distractions, allowing them to perform confidently in their busy exam preparation.

Just as in our daily work, meeting with clients and attending meetings require careful preparation beforehand. Apart from getting things done, effective tools are also indispensable.

DSE students have completed their intense exam preparation period, they can only enjoy a short break before waiting for the results. The BS team hopes that your efforts will yield corresponding rewards and looks forward to continue accompanying you on your journey. Flighting, buddies!







DSE同學們緊張備考至應試期已過,短暫偷閑時間隨後就是成績的等候。BS團隊期望各位的努力能得到相應回報,繼續陪伴同行, 加油吧小伙伴!




June 13, 2023 / Event

Stepped into NFT artworks, Bright Sun Studio paints landscape of happy tenure

To boost awareness in preserving the earth and the value of sustainability, BS Studio takes a lively start to her footprint in NFT artwork, weaving together an ideal appearance of the nature into a calm and tame scenery with textural soft lace. Progressing the continuance of Bright Sun’s “Green Plus”, in the art “The Green Circulation”, elements intersect with each other in a fluid world where light, air, water, and other planet creatures are central to human vividity, while balancing and harmonical co-existence are conditions for happiness. The art, creating a new climatic, visual, and emotional mood in appealing to the meaning of interactivity and connectedness about green concern, aims at the new generation to feel the value while enjoying style.

Full of revel in the contrasts and changes given by Nature and real passion in transforming them into lace and textile materials, another NFT art named “Be Yourself Be Real” represents BS Studio’s pursuit for creativity in an individualistic and authentic dynamic. It is more than a piece of art ostensible with layers of colors, but a world of motifs which are worthy exploring. In her 20th anniversary, the Studio presented the two art pieces to the Bright Sun management in expressing gratitude to the supports and continuous investment in validating creativity of textile design to the newest technology.

今年是BS Studio成立二十週年,Studio 除在日常運作致力創作、 紡織技術及科技應用的創新外,為慶祝這特別的年份,設計组同事以持續發展內的「綠生態」為題, 繪製兩幅畫作,並以NFT(非同質化通證),以數據形式儲存在區塊鏈的藝術畫廊裏 。

紡織貴為歷史悠久的行業,發展至今,尤其是花邊、刺繡較高技術及藝術表現的織物,由最早的工匠至最新的紡織技術,一直不離人的生活型態及流轉。除創造時尚外,近年更將環保課題置設為BS Studio 創新的必需元素。

首創的兩幅NFT藝術,糅合紡織、地球生態及追求創新的熱誠,旨在以另一方式讓新一代認識潮流背後的價值觀; 同時落實工匠精神與數位科技的連結,期待更多年青人以新角度享受及參與時尚創意,並以更新的織物科技傳承。

公司管理層喜見BS Studio 將創作意念發展至數位藝術,於聖誕及新年派對上,頒發獎狀特意嘉許。

December 16, 2022 / Event

Bright Sun Caring: What You Wear Tomorrow: Co-design & Youth development

Bright Sun Caring: What You Wear Tomorrow: Co-design & Youth development

Fashion styling is always a combination of creative minds, interaction among people and textile materials. In the campaign tagged “#WYWT- What You Wear Tomorrow”, Bright Sun jointly worked with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to implement cooperation between the industry and educational sector in validating mutual vision of community care. University students, by participating the service-learning course, interacted with teenagers from Youth Crime Prevention Centre of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups adopting Bright Sun’s “Graphic Fun” textile collection to develop fashion of tomorrow.

The Chief Commissioner from Bright Sun Caring Committee brought out the bright and colorful theme of the selected textile collection and elaborated to all participants the possibilities in fashion concept. Physical meeting was emphasized not only about knowledge transmission, but also people-to-people connection to encourage the youngsters for creativity, connectivity and enjoying the process of textile & garment designing. As per Bright Sun’s belief, design, delivering, and alive concept build for better future.

Just as in the same thread as textile knitting process of joining one thread to another, all participants were engaged interactively through discussion, brainstorming, and sewing step. The final catwalk evidenced their talents but importantly the brightening hearts of caring and future anticipating. Bright Sun as the material sponsor and sole strategic partner, was glad to witness the positive results of the event.

To facilitate value of having university student in community caring attitude and attending to more precise social needs, Bright Sun has come up with a sustainable program with the University to roll the project in a long-term perspective. We would like to encourage all participants, the students, and the beneficiary parties, collaboratively formulated connectedness through textile materials, fashion creativity, idea, and people. Ultimately, we believe the people-to-people influence can be accumulated to form constructive power in the society.

「萬順樂愛」: 交織正向連結,明天上新

時尚穿著蕴涵着創意思維、人的互動及紡織物料的結合,以「明天上新 #WYWT」冠題,萬順與香港理工大學携手,落實商界、學界關懷社群願景,於服務學習科目裏,學生與香港青年協會「青年違法防治中心」的參加者,藉萬順紡織物料「Graphic Fun」系列,延展創意,設計明日時尚。




September 01, 2022 / Event

Bright Sun Lace Beauty: Lace Beyond Youth (2)

Textile in Art & Design

Bright Sun has always focused on social integration, hoping to create a unique and sustainable living environment. Therefore, we collaborate with secondary school to hold a workshop for lace tile design, to allow students bring their artworks into their lives.

We introduced different lace products to students with a large variety of patterns. We encouraged them to try out another way to create. All participants were interested in lace design and application, so the response to the event was very enthusiastic.

From the selection of lace, cutting, collage to clay printing, we used lace to stimulate their imagination and creativity. The students can express and link their feelings to their works through the creative process. All of them had a fun experience in this sustainable activity.

The students were immersed in designing their artworks and molding their favorite lace patterns on the clay. The artpiece created with lace by the students were full of creativity, conscientiousness and uniqueness.

Bright Sun will continue the spirit of sustainability in art and promote it to our community. We sincerely hope that can be inherited, with our active initiation and participation into social engagement in value creation through social collaboration.







July 25, 2022 / Event


Lace Up, GO, Dress Up & Athletic Leisure Studio Competition is an activity initiated by Bright Sun in collaboration with Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), to promote creativity and innovation in design, and to connect young designers with the industry.

“Lace Up” is about up-grading in convergence of lace, technology and other textile materials. Bright Sun, in her sustainable 4 product lines, includes Lace, Embroidery, Novelty mesh and Trim, mix & match with textile technology. Students could think out of the box by their innovative ideas on converging different material lines, creating new possibilities of design by the democratization of lace technological advancement.

Besides, sustainability also lies within the core values of the competition “GO, Dress Up”. Athleisure is now one of the most hybrid types of clothing in the world under pandemic, and it goes beyond intimate apparel. The direct touch between garment and body represents the style of sustainability, which also echoes with our core values: sustainable development in the society through social collaboration.

We are proud and delighted to sponsor the competition so as to strengthen the connection between the students and the industry, equipping our future pillars with more experience in design.

「Lace Up, GO, Dress Up運動休閒設計比賽」是萬順與香港知專設計學院合辦,以推動創意、革新為主,並與未來的設計新星建立聯繫。

「Lace Up」是指集合了蕾絲、科技和其他紡織材料的升級。萬順一貫維持四線產品並行,包括經編花邊、刺繡花邊、提花網布和小條邊配飾,糅合紡織技術,設計相互配搭。 同學們可以跳出框架,發揮他們的想像力,結合不同的物料和配合專業的蕾絲生產技術,創造出新的可能。

此外,在「GO, Dress Up」中,充分展現了當中核心價值——可持續性。在全球疫情下,運動休閒裝成為了混搭服裝中的首選,超越了貼身衣物。再者,衣物與身體的直接接觸,可表現出可持續風格,這也是呼應了我們的核心價值:通過社會的同心合力,實現可持續化社會。


June 23, 2022 / Event

Support to DSE students: Fighting!!!

Given the 5th wave of epidemic outbreak in our community since February this year, Hong Kong Government further tightened social distancing measures, striving to commence the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) on April 22 as scheduled.

The Youth builds our future, DSE every year is always a hot social topic. In this new normal, we really concern about the serious illness, our challenging public health system and our “new normal” daily life. All these will create extra stress burden to the students this year.

Edmond says “My kid is studying in university now. Although she already passed her DSE, I know how that feeling for being a parent. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude and support to the DSE students. While they know there is always a backup or support behind, they will have a bigger heart to fight with a bigger puncher.

Being a father of two kids in secondary school, Anthony also expresses his concern. “Under the epidemic, students should stay tuned with all special arrangement from HK government and Education Department. Apart from all stationeries and supplies for exam, the students also need to prepare enough anti-epidemic medical supplies and protective gear. To have all documents and goods ready, so you can stay absolute focus to your exam.

Go in Action is always BS style.

We have colleagues whom are just graduated from university, some colleagues are parents with their kids in secondary school or even university. They all put their greetings on the message cards. “Believe in yourself, Anything is possible” is the message we want to deliver to the students. Hoping that they can be powered up with our support. Connect with people is always the spirit we strive for.

We also present them our 30th anniversary notebook sleeve together with the message card. This sleeve can help the students carry all their doc, stationaries, RAT kits, mask and also our support to the examination center.

We hope every little action BS does can help when it comes to supporting our community.

Although this epidemic has brought us a huge challenge, we trust positive thinking & confidence, caring, support and connection with each other, will make us stay well and live well everyday. Embrace hope and face challenge for the future.

We do not know if miracles will happen to any students(1) with our message card and our notebook sleeve. But this will definitely be a good memory for being blessed in one of their hard time throughout their life journey. Whenever they think about this puzzle piece, they will smile and bless the others.

(1)DSE students are coming from Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Tuen Mun).


香港二月社區爆發第五波新冠疫情, 由當時政府的呼籲而知,除居家模式抗疫,今年中學文憑試會如常進行。


Edmond:「我孩子正讀大學,雖然已經經歷了文憑試,我以一個過來人家長的身份, 仍然關心今年考生,真想為他們打氣。孩子們若知道自己是備受關懷,一定有更好心理質素在期間盡力。」

有兩個中學生孩子的 Anthony:「因為新冠,同學赴考前需要多加留意政府及教育局的特別安排。明顯地除考試物品外,還需確保齊備的防疫用品。事前各類文件及用品妥當準備好,將會是一個讓你能夠把精力放在應對試題的有效做法。」


有剛從學校畢業加入公司的年輕同事,也有孩子在中學或大學的爸爸媽媽, 他們熱烈地寫上心意卡,以「相信自己,任何事皆有可能」的鼓勵訊息,將關心及打氣的心意傳遞到學生手上,用行動發揮人與人連結的精神。

與心意卡一起送上的,還有BS三十週年的文件電腦袋。 想到同學們可以利用這個工具,將赴考文件、文具、 快測包、口罩等物件依次整理而井然有序,以這種狀態赴會應試,更能在現場有所發揮。





April 25, 2022 / Event






January 18, 2022 / Event

Lace Beauty: GO Beyond Youth!

A BS Lace Card… You could take “Lace” in being connected and happy

November 22, 2021 / Event