Green Production

Committed to promoting environmentally sustainable and leading industries toward the highest green standards.

Solar Photovoltaic
Power Generation

Use solar energy to convert into core power supply to achieve production efficiency and ecology a harmonious symbiosis of responsibility.

LED Lighting System

Full radiance, efficient lighting for the future to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of the production environment sustainability

Natural Gas

A clean, environmentally friendly, and low-emission fuel, replacing traditional coal-burning operations in molding machines, injecting clean and efficient power for sustainable production.

Reclaimed Water

Being the first woven factory in southern China to adopt water recycling, maintaining a daily capacity of reusing 1200 tons of water for dyeing and finishing production.

Blue Label
Certified Chemicals

Optimizing resource efficiency and minimizing environmental impact, ensuring that the textile production process and products comply with ecological protection, health, and safety. It is the latest global environmental standard and the best guarantee for consumer safety.

Sustainable Materials

Our in-house designed product line uses sustainable materials, including recycled or bio- based materials. We have obtained patents and certifications for innovative technologies, providing brands and consumers with the assurance of safe usage.