Support to DSE students: Fighting!!!

Given the 5th wave of epidemic outbreak in our community since February this year, Hong Kong Government further tightened social distancing measures, striving to commence the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) on April 22 as scheduled.

The Youth builds our future, DSE every year is always a hot social topic. In this new normal, we really concern about the serious illness, our challenging public health system and our “new normal” daily life. All these will create extra stress burden to the students this year.

Edmond says “My kid is studying in university now. Although she already passed her DSE, I know how that feeling for being a parent. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude and support to the DSE students. While they know there is always a backup or support behind, they will have a bigger heart to fight with a bigger puncher.

Being a father of two kids in secondary school, Anthony also expresses his concern. “Under the epidemic, students should stay tuned with all special arrangement from HK government and Education Department. Apart from all stationeries and supplies for exam, the students also need to prepare enough anti-epidemic medical supplies and protective gear. To have all documents and goods ready, so you can stay absolute focus to your exam.

Go in Action is always BS style.

We have colleagues whom are just graduated from university, some colleagues are parents with their kids in secondary school or even university. They all put their greetings on the message cards. “Believe in yourself, Anything is possible” is the message we want to deliver to the students. Hoping that they can be powered up with our support. Connect with people is always the spirit we strive for.

We also present them our 30th anniversary notebook sleeve together with the message card. This sleeve can help the students carry all their doc, stationaries, RAT kits, mask and also our support to the examination center.

We hope every little action BS does can help when it comes to supporting our community.

Although this epidemic has brought us a huge challenge, we trust positive thinking & confidence, caring, support and connection with each other, will make us stay well and live well everyday. Embrace hope and face challenge for the future.

We do not know if miracles will happen to any students(1) with our message card and our notebook sleeve. But this will definitely be a good memory for being blessed in one of their hard time throughout their life journey. Whenever they think about this puzzle piece, they will smile and bless the others.

(1)DSE students are coming from Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Tuen Mun).


香港二月社區爆發第五波新冠疫情, 由當時政府的呼籲而知,除居家模式抗疫,今年中學文憑試會如常進行。


Edmond:「我孩子正讀大學,雖然已經經歷了文憑試,我以一個過來人家長的身份, 仍然關心今年考生,真想為他們打氣。孩子們若知道自己是備受關懷,一定有更好心理質素在期間盡力。」

有兩個中學生孩子的 Anthony:「因為新冠,同學赴考前需要多加留意政府及教育局的特別安排。明顯地除考試物品外,還需確保齊備的防疫用品。事前各類文件及用品妥當準備好,將會是一個讓你能夠把精力放在應對試題的有效做法。」


有剛從學校畢業加入公司的年輕同事,也有孩子在中學或大學的爸爸媽媽, 他們熱烈地寫上心意卡,以「相信自己,任何事皆有可能」的鼓勵訊息,將關心及打氣的心意傳遞到學生手上,用行動發揮人與人連結的精神。

與心意卡一起送上的,還有BS三十週年的文件電腦袋。 想到同學們可以利用這個工具,將赴考文件、文具、 快測包、口罩等物件依次整理而井然有序,以這種狀態赴會應試,更能在現場有所發揮。







April 25, 2022