Lace Beauty: GO Beyond Youth!

A BS Lace Card… You could take “Lace” in being connected and happy

When sustainability becomes one of the key concerns in the market, especially, in the lockdown nightmare and non-stop anti-virus mode, connectivity between people is what Bright Sun has placed as the priority in the frame of this great topic, aside the growing efforts delivering green ideas to her product and production. With this objective, a campaign in the name of Lace Beauty: GO Beyond Youth! is launched in the secondary school, Hong Kong.

Lace & embroidery, in textile sector, are taken as key decorative material for lingerie and intimate apparel. Benefitted from the brand interaction, BS team collaboratively work out with our clients in creativity, newness, and application. Extending from there, the notion is to inspire the youngsters with design mindset and creative potentials by upholding them the people-to-people interaction thru applying the lace and embroidery into works. Members in BS Caring Committee delivers the material backed by shared session with the schoolteachers in lace information. Teachers explain the students how to appreciate and understand the design and texture of lace in the class. Subsequently, the students are motivated to substantiate art knowledge into a Lace Card. The youngsters are free to express what are in their minds and the adults read to communicate. Lace & embroidery, as the media, in a card design, grow into transmitter which shortens the distance between students and the teachers.

Moreover, when the same format has been expanded as the parent-and-the son/daughter workshop, magnitude of the generative interaction is vividly manifested. Having the two generations jointly designed and worked out the Lace Card, the beauty is expressed not only just the final output, but, importantly, the atmosphere and bonding throughout the process. See their smile and the joy in the scene, or now in the pictures, indeed, we are more to believe, people-to-people connectivity is the source of human beauty, fountain of happiness.

蕾絲之美:賽芳華! Lace Beauty: GO Beyond Youth!







November 22, 2021