Walk with DSE Students 2023

【Walk with DSE Students 2023】

In order to help students better organize their study materials for exam preparation, BS is giving away our own design bags. These bags enable students to properly organize their study material, saving time and significantly reducing distractions, allowing them to perform confidently in their busy exam preparation.

Just as in our daily work, meeting with clients and attending meetings require careful preparation beforehand. Apart from getting things done, effective tools are also indispensable.

DSE students have completed their intense exam preparation period, they can only enjoy a short break before waiting for the results. The BS team hopes that your efforts will yield corresponding rewards and looks forward to continue accompanying you on your journey. Flighting, buddies!







DSE同學們緊張備考至應試期已過,短暫偷閑時間隨後就是成績的等候。BS團隊期望各位的努力能得到相應回報,繼續陪伴同行, 加油吧小伙伴!






June 13, 2023