Bright Sun Caring: What You Wear Tomorrow: Co-design & Youth development

Bright Sun Caring: What You Wear Tomorrow: Co-design & Youth development

Fashion styling is always a combination of creative minds, interaction among people and textile materials. In the campaign tagged “#WYWT- What You Wear Tomorrow”, Bright Sun jointly worked with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to implement cooperation between the industry and educational sector in validating mutual vision of community care. University students, by participating the service-learning course, interacted with teenagers from Youth Crime Prevention Centre of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups adopting Bright Sun’s “Graphic Fun” textile collection to develop fashion of tomorrow.

The Chief Commissioner from Bright Sun Caring Committee brought out the bright and colorful theme of the selected textile collection and elaborated to all participants the possibilities in fashion concept. Physical meeting was emphasized not only about knowledge transmission, but also people-to-people connection to encourage the youngsters for creativity, connectivity and enjoying the process of textile & garment designing. As per Bright Sun’s belief, design, delivering, and alive concept build for better future.

Just as in the same thread as textile knitting process of joining one thread to another, all participants were engaged interactively through discussion, brainstorming, and sewing step. The final catwalk evidenced their talents but importantly the brightening hearts of caring and future anticipating. Bright Sun as the material sponsor and sole strategic partner, was glad to witness the positive results of the event.

To facilitate value of having university student in community caring attitude and attending to more precise social needs, Bright Sun has come up with a sustainable program with the University to roll the project in a long-term perspective. We would like to encourage all participants, the students, and the beneficiary parties, collaboratively formulated connectedness through textile materials, fashion creativity, idea, and people. Ultimately, we believe the people-to-people influence can be accumulated to form constructive power in the society.

「萬順樂愛」: 交織正向連結,明天上新

時尚穿著蕴涵着創意思維、人的互動及紡織物料的結合,以「明天上新 #WYWT」冠題,萬順與香港理工大學携手,落實商界、學界關懷社群願景,於服務學習科目裏,學生與香港青年協會「青年違法防治中心」的參加者,藉萬順紡織物料「Graphic Fun」系列,延展創意,設計明日時尚。






September 01, 2022