Bright Sun Lace Beauty: Lace Beyond Youth (2)

Textile in Art & Design

Bright Sun has always focused on social integration, hoping to create a unique and sustainable living environment. Therefore, we collaborate with secondary school to hold a workshop for lace tile design, to allow students bring their artworks into their lives.

We introduced different lace products to students with a large variety of patterns. We encouraged them to try out another way to create. All participants were interested in lace design and application, so the response to the event was very enthusiastic.

From the selection of lace, cutting, collage to clay printing, we used lace to stimulate their imagination and creativity. The students can express and link their feelings to their works through the creative process. All of them had a fun experience in this sustainable activity.

The students were immersed in designing their artworks and molding their favorite lace patterns on the clay. The artpiece created with lace by the students were full of creativity, conscientiousness and uniqueness.

Bright Sun will continue the spirit of sustainability in art and promote it to our community. We sincerely hope that can be inherited, with our active initiation and participation into social engagement in value creation through social collaboration.









July 25, 2022